Some movies get stuck in development hell to the distress of many fans. One such movie is Uncharted, which is based on the incredibly popular Playstation video game series. For years Sony has been trying to crack the code and get this movie off the ground with various actors attached at various times to play the part of Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the series. Mark Wahlberg's name has been thrown around more recently, but he has stepped in to declare, at least for now, that he is not attached to the Uncharted movie.

The actor recently did an interview with We Got This Covered and was asked about his potential involvement with the Uncharted movie, which has gained some traction lately. He was attached to play Nathan Drake when David O Russell was attached to direct. Mark Wahlberg was quick to say that he is not involved and made it pretty clear that he feels we would all know if he were. Here is what he had to say about it.

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As of now, no, I'm not attached. If I was, you would have heard about it."

So there you have it. It should be noted that he said "as of now," which could imply he has had some conversations with Sony about it. It also doesn't rule out the possibility of Mark Wahlberg eventually becoming attached. As production (hopefully) ramps up for the now projected summer 2017 shoot, Sony could approach him and try to get him to play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie franchise. The movie has been in development for so long that the fan favorite choice Nathan Fillion has pretty much aged out of the role, which is potentially disappointing. Someone like Mark Wahlberg would make sense, but as of right now we are going to have to try and picture someone else in the role.

Even without Uncharted, Mark Wahlberg is managing to keep himself pretty busy these days. Not only is he keeping his acting schedule very full, as he will be starring in the upcoming Boston Marathon bombing drama Patriots Day, his third collaboration with director Peter Berg as well as the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight, but he has been producing more as of late. He is currently serving as an Executive Producer on HBO's Ballers, as well as the upcoming series adaptation of the movie Sniper, which he starred in. So his dance card may be a little full to squeeze in another huge franchise anyway.

At the moment, The Grey director Joe Carnahan is working on the latest draft of the screenplay for Uncharted, with Shawn Levy attached to direct the movie. Sony's most recent release date for the movie had it pegged to arrive in June of 2017, but now the studio is hoping they can get the movie rolling around the time, likely for a debut in 2018 at some time. Fans would certainly be excited if that actually happens, but it looks like it will be happening without Mark Wahlberg. At least for now.