Director Travis Knight has left the long-awaited Uncharted movie. Tom Holland's Spider-Man scheduling has thrown a monkey wrench into the production, though Holland and Mark Wahlberg are still attached to star.

It is believed that Sony will be pushing the Uncharted release date back and then looking for yet another director to come on board. As of this writing, no new release date has been set and it is not clear when the production on the movie will actually begin, though it won't be able to start until after this summer.

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In addition to Travis Knight, Uncharted has had David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, and Shawn Levy all attached to direct at some point or another over the years. The movie was set into active development back in 2008 and was first publicly announced in 2009 with Russell set to direct and Mark Wahlberg attached to star. Wahlberg was originally set to play the lead character Nathan Drake, but the role has now gone to Tom Holland. Wahlberg is now set to play Sully, who is Drake's mentor in the video game franchise.

Tom Holland is set to play Peter Parker again this summer in the sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home. This is the scheduling conflict that forced Travis Knight out. While Sony is still intent on putting Uncharted out, the Spider-Man franchise takes precedent, especially since the last installment is the studio's highest grossing movie of all time. Expectations for the sequel are high after the cliffhanger ending and fans are excited to see Sony and Marvel Studios working together again. For a while, it looked like their partnership was over, which would have made the next movie pretty hard to pull off.

Now, fans of the Uncharted franchise have to be more than a little disillusioned with this situation. Travis Knight seemed like a great choice to finally bring the movie to the finish line. But, now it's back to the drawing board to find a director willing to take on a project that has been in development hell for so long and passed on to so many other writers and directors. It's pretty similar to Sony's approach to the long-awaited Masters of the Universe movie, which now might end up being sold to Netflix after years and years of development.

Whatever the case may be, Sony is intent on the sure bet with Tom Holland and the Spider-Man franchise. There have even been talks about the young actor taking on a cameo in the studio's upcoming Venom 2. This has yet to be confirmed, but the studio is making some good money off of its Marvel properties and that aspect shows no sign of slowing down at the moment. For now, Uncharted fans are going to have to sit back to see if the movie ever sees the light of day. Deadline was the first to report on Travis Knight leaving the Uncharted movie.