Last year, Spider-Man star Tom Holland took a break from the MCU to portray another massively popular character, Nathan Drake, in the first live-action adaptation of the Uncharted video-game series. The project has wrapped filming, and in a recent interview with Variety, Holland revealed how grueling the shoot had been on his body, as it involved the biggest action sequences of Holland's career.

"The action sequences in Uncharted are the biggest action sequences I've ever been apart of. The cuts and bruises and bangs I got from dangling off of wires and falling off of things was ridiculous."
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Considering that Tom Holland was a part of Avengers: Infinity War, his praise for the action in Uncharted is even more notable. Of course, the MCU relies a great deal on CGI for its action scenes, so it is quite possible that Holland's practical stunt-work on Uncharted was indeed a far more grueling affair.

Inspired by the Indiana Jones movies, the Uncharted video games tell the story of Nathan Drake, adventurous explorer and daredevil action man. Drake travels the globe with his friend and mentor Sully, who will be played by Mark Wahlberg, who had once been attached to the project in the role of Drake a decade ago, before he outgrew the character's age and took up Sully's role instead.

Interestingly, fans have long complained that Holland himself is far too young to play Drake, who appears in the video games as a man in his thirties. There had been a sustained campaign to have Nathan Fillion play Drake in the Uncharted movie, failing which some fans demanded that Nolan North, who voices Drake in the games and looks like him as well, should play the live-action version of the character. For his part, North had defended Holland's casting last year, asking fans to give the young actor a chance.

"I'm actually looking forward to it, and I think people should look forward to it. Give them a chance. We've never seen Nathan Drake in his 20s and a Sully in his 40s. It could be interesting. I like the fact they're going to do a different spin on it and I'm looking forward to seeing how they do. I like Tom Holland, I like Mark Wahlberg, I enjoy their films, so let them put their spin on it. It's like asking Robert Downey Jr., 'What do you think about Nolan North doing a video game?' He's probably like, 'That's cool! I hope he does well and people enjoy it.' I'm the same way, just turn it around. I see things that are negative about it like, 'I don't like this casting,' but let them do something [with it]."

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Uncharted stars Tom Holland and Wahlberg alongside Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali, and Tati Gabrielle. The film is set to arrive in theaters on July 16, 2021. This news comes from