One is a former wrestler turned Hollywood action hero. The other is a former Avenger turned solo superhero, thanks to Sony. Both Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Tom Holland are known as much for their affable off-screen persona as their family-friendly action movies, and in a recent Twitter conversation between the two, the stars affirmed their desire to work together on a movie project.

It started when Tom Holland cited Dwayne Johnson as one of his inspirations when it came to the film industry.

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"The Rock is someone I've always looked up to. His whole thing is: be the hardest-working person in the room. It's something that I've really taken to heart."

Naturally, Johnson came to know of Holland's generous praise, and never one to shy away from complimenting his colleagues, the Hobbs and Shaw star took to Twitter to heap praise on Holland in return. All that goodwill led to the two affirming a mutual desire to work together someday.

So now the only question is, what film project is big enough to accomodate the star power of both actors? The most obvious answer would be Sony's upcoming Uncharted movie, where Tom Holland is playing the young Nathan Drake. It's possible that The Rock could star as his mentor Victor Sullivan, a role once rumored to be taken on by Bryan Cranston but never confirmed. Uncharted recently lost its director, but Tom Holland is still on board. The Rock would make for a pretty interesting Victor Sullivan, and it makes the most sense.

There's also the idea floating around amongst fans to have Johnson play a villain in a future Spider-Man movie. But considering the fact that he is already playing the villain in the DCEU's upcoming Black Adam film, it is unlikely The Rock will take on another dark role so soon just to oblige Holland.

A more bizzare but potentially intriguing team up would be to have The Rock revealed to be Peter Parker's yet-unseen Uncle Ben! Such a casting would be perfectly in line with the diversity kick that the current Spider-Man franchise has been on. And there is something incredibly fatherly and charismatic about Johnson that would make him the perfect choice to be the new father figure in Spider-Man's life after the exit of a similarly fatherly and charismatic Tony Stark.

There is also the possibilty of Holland joining The Rock on one of the inevitable Hobbs and Shaw sequels. But most probably studios will want to make an entirely new franchise that will give equal importance to both actors to satisfy both their fanbases.

In the mean time, Holland is busy preparing for Spider-Man 3, this time away from Disney and the larger MCU. It remains to be seen whethere the new standalone Spider-Man universe headed by the young actor will enjoy the success of the original Sam Raimi trilogy starring the webbed wall crawler.

Meanwhile, Johnson is gearing up for his foray into the world of superheroes with Black Adam, which he promises will be a rollerecoaster journey featuring a magical being who is as powerful as Superman, who starts off as a villain before turning into an antihero, with the open possibilty left dangling of someday fighting alongside the heroes of the DCEU. This news comes courtesy of