The 2020 Oscar Nominations were announced this morning. And Adam Sandler did not make the cut for his Uncut Gems performance. Fans of the movie and the actor are not very happy at the moment over the Academy's decision to snub Sandler. Now, Sandler may very well deliver on his promise of making an intentionally bad movie in the near future. But what could that bad movie be? Adding insult to injury, Uncut Gems was not acknowledged at all by the Academy.

The Academy disappointed a decent amount of people this morning with their list of nominees. With the release of Uncut Gems, many fans and critics believed that Adam Sandler was going to get his first-ever Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Sandler's name was not mentioned among the nominees, which include Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Driver, Leonardo DiCaprio, Antonio Banderas, and Jonathan Pryce. Fans of Sandler are understandably furious about the Academy's decision to snub him. "(Never thought I'd ever say this sentence in this context) Adam Sandler was f*cking robbed," said one person on social media.

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Social media is in shock over Uncut Gems and Adam Sandler not getting any Academy acknowledgement. One fan had some important questions, "No Adam Sandler either??? I'm going outside to set cars on fire, who among you all will join me?" While there are a lot of people who are pretty confused by the whole situation, there seem to be more who are bitter. You can read another reaction below.

"Uncut Gems not getting a single Oscar nomination is ridiculous. It's because Adam Sandler is Adam Sandler that they couldn't just look at his incredible acting and sports theme always hurts. Utter garbage."

With the Academy Awards snub, Adam Sandler's joke from the Howard Stern show in regard to not getting a nomination is already coming back to haunt him. After declaring that he would make a bad movie on purpose, all of his next movies will mention that in the review, no matter how good or bad it is. Grown Ups 3 could be on the way or maybe even a sequel to Going Overboard. With that being said, it's safe to say that an Airheads sequel would be received with open arms.

Elsewhere, Joker was nominated for eleven Academy Awards. This is a pretty drastic change from just before the movie hit theaters when violence was the only thing people were talking about. Even without Adam Sandler getting a nomination, Uncut Gems should have at least gotten one, at least according to social media. Maybe Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler should unite to make a comedy special and air it on the night of the Academy Awards instead. That would be something to see. You can check out the rest of the Academy Award nominations thanks to The Academy Twitter account.