Uncut Gems has just earned the record for seventh highest amount of F-bombs in a movie. The Adam Sandler-starring movie has been getting a lot of attention over the past several weeks. There's even talk of Sandler receiving his first-ever Academy Award nomination, which caught the actor/comedian by surprise. He has joked that his next movie will be intentionally bad if the Academy decides not to recognize his performance in Uncut Gems. Even if he doesn't make it to the Oscars, the movie is now in rare territory thanks to the F word.

The F-Bomb is used 408 times in Uncut Gems. This is pretty notable because the movie is only 135 minutes-long. If you're into statistics, that comes out to about one F word every three minutes, which is pretty impressive. The movie just opened in theaters nationwide on Christmas Day after being in select theaters. It found itself at number seven at the box office over the weekend with over $9.5 million in ticket sales.

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While Uncut Gems is doing pretty well with 408 F-bombs, it can't really compare to 2014's Swearnet: The Movie, which contains 935 of them. The comedy is only 112 minutes and means the F-word shows up over 8 times a minute. So far, the movie is the undisputed champion, followed by F**k, a documentary on the word containing 857 of them packed into 93 minutes.

Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street takes the number three spot with 569 mentions of the F word. The movie is 180 minutes-long, which results in about 3 F-bombs per-minute. This isn't the only time that Scorsese is brought up in the top ten. Summer of Sam and Nil by Mouth contain 435 and 428 F-bombs, respectively. Scorsese pops up again for Casino at number six with 422 uses of the word in 178 minutes, or a little more than two per-minute.

Straight Outta Compton comes in at number eight with 392 uses of f*ck in 167 minutes. In a movie with an actor portraying Eazy-E in it, one would imagine there would have been a lot more. The ninth spot goes to 2007's Alpha Dog, which has 367 F-bombs spread over 118 minutes. Finally, 2012's End of Watch contains 326 mentions of the F word. For those wondering, Quentin Tarantino doesn't even show up on the list until number twenty-seven for Reservoir Dogs (269) and then twenty-eight for Pulp Fiction (265). Tarantino is going to have to step up his game to get into the top ten. You can check out the rest of the F-bomb records over at Wikipedia.

  • Top Ten Movies That Frequently Drop F-Bombs
  • Swearnet: The Movie - 935
  •  F*ck-a documentary on the word - 857
  •  The Wolf of Wall Street - 569
  •  Summer of Sam - 435
  •  Nil by Mouth - 428
  •  Casino - 422
  •  Uncut Gems - 408
  •  Straight Outta Compton - 392
  •  Alpha Dog - 367
  • End of Watch - 326