NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett almost wasn't in Uncut Gems. Directors Bennie and Josh Safdie revealed the news in a recent interview promoting the movie. Adam Sandler stars in Uncut Gems and he has been getting heaps of praise for his performance with whispers of Academy Award nominations. Sandler has been taken aback by the adulation, but he would definitely like to get nominated for an Oscar. He has even jokingly threatened to make a purposefully bad movie if he doesn't get the nomination.

Former Boston Celtic Kevin Garnett has also been receiving praise for his performance in Uncut Gems as a fictionalized version of himself. Adam Sandler plays a shady character in New York City's Diamond District who trades gems in order to gamble on NBA games. The character is later shocked to see Garnett walk into his shop. However, he wasn't originally in the running for the role. Directors Bennie and Josh Safdie had this to say.

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"Originally the movie was [Knicks star] Amar'e [Stoudemire]. We went down a little road - it was 10 years that we spent working on this thing. Then we rewrote it, briefly, to maybe do a Kobe thing. But the game has to center around Northeast games. They'd have to come into the city. And then our agents were like, 'Oh, Kobe wants to act.' And then, after like a week and a half of slaving over the script, they came back and said, 'He wants to direct. Never mind.' I thought, 'I just rewrote the whole movie to try to fit Kobe's persona!'"

NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant would have offered a much different energy to Uncut Gems. Bryant is often considered to be one of the best players in NBA history, with some even claiming he is the greatest of all time. With that being said, Kevin Garnett and Bryant are both odd choices since Adam Sandler and the Safdie Brothers are such diehard New York Knicks fans. When all is said and done, Garnett was the right man for the job.

Many movie and NBA fans were shocked to see Kevin Garnett in Uncut Gems. The NBA legend has been given loads of compliments for his chemistry with Adam Sandler and Lakeith Stanfield, which means we could see some more acting roles down the line. Garnett retired from playing professional basketball in 2016 with the intention to start acting.

Kevin Garnett has found himself in the news for reasons beyond Uncut Gems over the past few days. Garnett recently talked some smack on former Celtic Kyrie Irving, who left the team to join the Knicks after just two seasons. "Boston's a tough town, dawg," Garnett said. "You have to have some major cojones to be there." The retired basketball player holds himself and others up to an extremely high standard and he has the right to his opinion on the situation, though he is receiving some flak for it. You can check out the interview with the Safdie Brothers below, thanks to the Ringer YouTube channel.