The Uncut Gems supercut featuring all of the movie's F-bombs has arrived. In total there are 560 utterances of the word "f***," which is impressive. What's even more impressive is that the supercut is just over 4 minutes in length. The Safdie Brothers movie has the fourth-most bad words out of any movie released in history, just behind Swearnet: The Movie, F***-a documentary on the word, and Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street.

With the F-word being used 560 times in Uncut Gems, that means that there are an average of 4 f**** per minute. Adam Sandler stars in the movie as jeweler Howard Ratner, who is trying really hard to get out of debt. The Safdie Brothers movie shows his attempts to pay back his gambling debts by selling a valuable black opal. Sandler was praised for his performance and there were instant predictions that he would be receiving an Academy Award nomination with a good chance at winning.

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Leading up to awards season, Adam Sandler sat down with Howard Stern for an interview where he discussed the Uncut Gems Oscar talk. Sandler was pretty happy about the movie's success and he talked about the excellent time he had working with the Safdie Brothers. He then joked that he would make a bad movie on purpose if the Academy did not recognize him for playing Howard Ratner. The interview started to go viral, but Sandler was only kidding when he made the remark, which picked up steam again when he was snubbed.

The critical acclaim surrounding Uncut Gems was nearly universal. Rotten Tomatoes shows the independent movie having a 92% Fresh Rating and with worldwide earnings of $50 million, it's A24's biggest movie to date. While Adam Sandler did not receive any Oscar recognition for the role, he did earn the Razzie Redeemer Award, which is for actors and actresses that have gone from making movies that were not completely embraced by the public to becoming a critical darling. Sandler has been a part of a number of critical favorites, but he is still often looked at as a mostly comedic actor.

While doing press for Uncut Gems, the Safdie Brothers revealed that Adam Sandler was not the first choice for the role. They were looking at Jonah Hill and Sacha Baron Cohen originally, though they admit that the movie would have come out a lot different had one of them signed on first. In the end, Sandler was the perfect choice, according to the directing duo. Josh Safdie said, "We were such big fans of everything he's done, starting when we were kids with the comedy records and going to the movies... He's the only person who could make those movies work." He also helped the movie become known for uttering the word f*** 560 times. You can watch the Uncut Gems F-word supercut above, thanks to the Netflix Film Twitter account.