Undead or Alive will be released on DVD on December 11. The horror flick stars Chris Kataan, James Denton and Navi Rawat. No pricing details have been released for this horror flick.


In this unusual take on the Old West, an innocent cowboy, Luke (Chris Kattan) with his reluctant new partner, Elmer (James Denton) fleece a crooked sheriff and attempt to disappear in the desert. Only Geronimo's smart and beautiful niece Sue (Navi Rawat) can help them solve a mysterious Indian curse and escape from Sheriff Zombie's bloodthirsty posse. Will romance between Luke and Sue blossom or will the undead permanently keep them apart?

Special Features

- Commentary with Chris Kattan, James Denton, Navi Rawat, and director Glasgow Phillips

- Two "Making of" featurettes

- From South Park To The Wild, Wild West

- Geronimonsters! The Zombies That Walked The West

- Undead Or Alive Trailer