The director of 2015's horror hit It Follows is back with his new movie Under the Silver Lake, which has officially been given a release date by A24. David Robert Mitchell made a name for himself when It Follows debuted at Cannes in 2014, garnering tons of critical acclaim and going on to find success when it was released in theaters in March of 2015. Now, his follow-up is finally ready to go and those who have been looking forward to seeing what the director is going to do next will get the chance this June.

A24 has announced that Under the Silver Lake will officially debut in New York and Los Angeles theaters on June 22, with a nationwide expansion in the weeks that follow. The movie stars Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man), Riley Keough (Logan Lucky) and Topher Grace (Interstellar). Having Garfield in the leading role is yet another credit to this movie, as the actor is coming off of a great run recently, with Hacksaw Ridge, Silence and Breathe. Even though details are somewhat scarce, this movie has more than enough pieces in place to intrigue genre movie fans.

Not much has been revealed about Under the Silver Lake just yet, but the movie is said to center on a man who becomes obsessed with the strange circumstances of a billionaire mogul's murder and the kidnapping of a girl. So it sounds like this will be more of a grounded thriller, as opposed to It Follows, which had thriller elements to it, but was a supernatural horror movie at its core. We'll get a much better sense of what this movie is going to be when a trailer is released, which could be in the very near future, as Under the Silver Lake will be debuting in theaters in just a few months.

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Those who enjoyed It Follows have reason to be excited about Under the Silver Lake, beyond David Robert Mitchell's involvement. Some of the core crew from It Follows are also involved with this movie, as cinematographer Mike Gioulakis and editor Julio C. Perez IV, who worked on the new thriller as well. Disasterpeace also provides the score for Under the Silver Lake, which could be one of the best credits this movie has, as his score for It Follows is often recognized as a standout element. Mitchell also wrote the screenplay for this new movie, in addition to directing.

It Follows may have only made $14.6 million at the box office, but that number doesn't quite signify the impact that the movie had on the horror genre. It's also worth noting that It Follows currently holds a 97 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so there will be quite a few people looking forward to Under the Silver Lake when it arrives this summer. While not confirmed, there's a good chance that A24 will also debut Under the Silver Lake at Cannes this year, as the festival takes place in early May. That will give time to build some buzz for the movie ahead of its theatrical release. This news comes to us courtesy of Indie Wire.

Ryan Scott