When it was announced last month that a new Underworld Sequel is being developed that will star Theo James as the vampire David from 2012's Underworld Awakening, many fans wondered if Kate Beckinsale is done with the franchise. However, the actress' husband and original Underworld director Len Wiseman reveals that there is another movie in development that will feature Kate Beckinsale as Selene.

Here's what director Len Wiseman had to say in an interview with IGN, where he revealed that there are actually two movies and a TV series that are being developed.

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"There are a few things being developed right now. There are some characters that we really like, that's kind of like a spin-off, like we did with Underworld 3: The Rise of The Lycans. And then another film is being developed and is in the works with Kate possibly as well, and then there's a television series as well. It's expanding that universe in many ways."

When asked which project fans will see first, Len Wiseman had this to say.

"I don't know, you tell me. They're all in development, and there are a lot of releases out there that aren't actually true, but it's too long to actually wrap all of that up."

Are you glad that Kate Beckinsale may return as Selene? Which of these projects would you like to see first? Chime in with your thoughts below.