It's Ashlee Simpson's debut film. Yes, I'm sure you've heard it already - 'she shouldn't be acting', 'don't put her in a movie'. But, I'll be honest: she did a really good job!

Ashlee isn't the main character of the film either; she plays a struggling actress. She meets Pell James, who has moved out from New York to become an actress.

Steven Strait, who was recently in Sky High, makes his first starring role in the film as an up and coming singer/songwriter. After a brief meeting in a New York subway, Pell and Steven reunite at a Los Angeles club with the help of Ashlee.

Throughout the film, Ashlee and Pell try to help Steven become a huge rock star and succeed. Their relationship takes a hit when Steven's career becomes more important to him than a friendship.

I liked the concept of Steven and Pell moving to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams because that's what I recently did, coming from Baltimore to LA. I really felt close to those characters because of this and really wanted them to succeed. There were definitely times where I felt lost in the story and parts of the story became a little too far fetched.

But if you want to enjoy about an hour and a half and not have to think, check it out. You'll also get to hear some really good music from Ashlee and Steven. Steven actually has seven songs featured on the movie soundtrack and his band Tribe will begin recording their first record later this year.

Undiscovered is out August 26, 2005.

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