Now here's a twist no one could have possibly predicted: Those seeing Unfriended: Dark Web when it hits US Theaters this weekend might not get the same film as moviegoers down the block. In a maneuver not attempted since 1985's Clue, Blumhouse is releasing the follow-up to 2014's Unfriended with 2 different endings. Here's the kicker: There's no way of knowing which ending you'll get. Word got around after a theater projectionist shared the news on Twitter; in no uncertain terms, it's revealed "THIS FEATURE HAS TWO DIFFERENT ENDINGS."

When Clue pulled this gimmick in 1985, it was fitting for a film based on a mystery game where every character is a potential villain, but this case feels different for a variety of reasons. First of all, it's problematic. Clue made it clear from the get-go that there were multiple versions hitting theaters and labeled them A, B, and C so moviegoers could plan accordingly in order to see them all. The 2 versions of Unfriended: Dark Web, on the other hand, are being released without differentiation. This means that even if someone wants to see the film twice (which we have to assume is Blumhouse's ultimate goal) it will always be a gamble.

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While it's possible to imagine horror fans so enamored by the cyber terror they'd pay for 2 tickets, who would risk seeing the same film a second time? Not me! We've become accustomed to seeing multiple endings of movies, on Blu-ray/DVD special features; sometimes, we're even surprised by the brilliance of what could have been. When it comes to seeing a movie in the theater, however, we expect studios and filmmakers to deliver a single ending, one that best concludes a story arch organically. It's possible Blumhouse and writer/director Stephen Susco honestly believe they have two, equally brilliant conclusions to the film, but without differentiating them, it feels more like indecisiveness.

This bold move and all related conjecture is built on the premise that Unfriended: Dark Web is good enough to warrant 2 endings. Like I mentioned before, it would have to be something exemplary to get today's fickle cinephile to fork out the dough for a second helping. While it would be heartening to believe we're about to see something worthy of 2 endings, I caught a screening at SXSW last March, so I have a somewhat tempered position. Unfriended: Dark Web is an excellent "desktop horror" (is that an official term yet?), an improvement on the original that I thoroughly enjoyed. Still, I don't personally think it warrants two unique versions, and I certainly wouldn't pay to see it twice-especially if it's a gamble. Here is the official synopsis.

A teenager finds a cache of hidden files on his new laptop and soon discovers that the previous owner is watching every move he makes.

Whether the different endings elicit notably different reactions, and whether this will be reflected in the flood of impending reviews, remains to be seen. If you're interested in seeing Unfriended: Dark Web this weekend, check out the trailer and synopsis below. This news first appeared on IndieWire.