The Purge: Breakout, an immersive real-life horror-escape experience, will travel throughout the United States this summer, offering fans an opportunity to step inside the world of the film franchise The Purge, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions announced today. The Purge: Anarchy arrives in theaters nationwide on July 18, 2014.

The Purge Breakout

In The Purge: Breakout, it's the annual Purge Night, when citizens across the country exercise their right of anarchy. Your group is being held captive by a demented psychopath, 30 minutes before The Purge begins. Trapped in his house, groups must work together, solving a series of increasingly complicated, mind-bending puzzles and clues, to breakout from captivity and survive the most terrifying 12 hours of the year.

Said Jason Blum, founder and CEO, Blumhouse Productions:

"Our goal with The Purge: Breakout is to bring the universe of The Purge films directly to the audience. This experience allows fans across the county the chance to immerse themselves in the intricate world that the series' writer/director, James DeMonaco, has so painstakingly crafted. We hope that they enjoy being scared out of their minds."

Based on popular escape-room adventures taking Asia and the United States by storm, this mobile attraction will be set up in unique locations across America, fully immersing visitors into a horror experience like no other.

The Purge: Breakout tour begins in Atlanta on May 30 and travels to Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and Dallas throughout the summer. Its last stop will be from July 11 - 20 in Los Angeles.

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About The Purge: Anarchy

The New Founders of America invite you to celebrate your annual right to Purge. The Purge: Anarchy, the sequel to summer 2013's sleeper hit that opened to No. 1 at the box-office, sees the return of writer/director James DeMonaco to craft the next terrifying chapter of dutiful citizens preparing for their country's yearly 12 hours of anarchy.

Returning alongside James DeMonaco to produce The Purge: Anarchy are Blumhouse Productions' Jason Blum, alongside Sebastien Lemercier and Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Bradley Fuller and Andrew Form.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange