Universal Studios Home Video will introduce an innovative online experience with the debut of Total Axess on the Spy Game Collector's Edition DVD on April 9, 2002.

Total Axess enables DVD-ROM users to unlock special bonus materials not included on the DVD through an exclusive hotlink to the Total Axess website. By simply inserting the DVD into their DVD-ROM drive, users will be immersed in the action and adventure of their favorite DVD through an online destination packed with exclusive never-before-seen video and pictures, behind-the-scenes footage, downloads, contests and more.

"We now can offer DVD fans even more behind-the-scenes content," said Ken Graffeo, senior vice-president, marketing, Universal Studios Home Video. "This overcomes the restrictions imposed by space constraints on the disc, making the DVD an exclusive passkey to a wealth of additional materials specially created for a title."

Spy Game, the first Total Axess title, is the riveting action adventure starring screen favorites Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. Through Total Axess, users can view specially-created streaming videos of: the Spy Game World Premiere - an exciting look at the starry, red carpet event in Los Angeles, an additional exclusive interview with Redford and Pitt, Choosing the Right Director - an interview with Producers Marc Abraham and Douglas Wick, "The Toughest Scene" - Director Tony Scott shares his insight on the most difficult scene Tony Scott directing Brad Pitt - behind-the-scenes footage, CIA training - Tony Scott shares some fascinating information from his research, Operatives and Assets - the actors discuss their characters and Working with Redford - candid remarks from the director. In addition to streaming video, the site will also contain exclusive production and behind-the-scenes still photos, downloadable photos that can be used as screensavers or wallpaper, director Scott's screenplay with notes, annotations and sketches, a Spy Game trivia contest that is changed every two weeks and more.

The Total Axess website also contains information on current Universal Studios home video and theatrical releases as well as previews and trailers of upcoming home entertainment and theatrical titles. In addition, the site provides convenient links to the Universal Studios theatrical, music and theme park websites.

The Spy Game Collector's Edition DVD offers more than 10 explosive hours of high-powered entertainment including a breakthrough special feature aptly named Clandestine OPS, a unique viewing experience that puts the viewer in control. For the first time, viewers can go behind the scenes and gain access to classified information about Spy Game'sfilmmaking process while simultaneously watching the film. The Spy GameCollector's Edition DVD also includes alternate and deleted scenes, including an alternate ending, a script-to-storyboard featurette on Director Tony Scott's unique filmmaking process, feature commentary with Director Tony Scott, feature commentary with Producers Marc Abraham and Douglas Wick, the requirements for acceptance as a CIA operative and more.

The DVD mayhem continues... Rorschach

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