Universal is looking to develop a big screen version of Second Sight, a 1999 BBC miniseries that starred Clive Owen, according to Variety. He played a detective struggling to solve a murder before he goes blind and joined forces with a female detective to try to crack the case.

Second Sight aired Stateside on PBS and spawned a sequel, Second Sight: Kingdom of the Blind.

The deal, which is still being finalized, calls for Angry Films' Susan Montford and Don Murphy to produce and series creator Paula Milne to exec produce. Montford and Murphy produced the upcoming Shoot 'Em Up which stars Owen.

Owen is not attached to Second Sight at this point. The actor is busy with several other projects, including Sin City 2 and The Professional. He plays Sir Walter Raleigh opposite Cate Blanchett's Queen Elizabeth I in Universal's The Golden Age, to be released this fall.