Fargo show-runner Noah Hawley has made a deal to write a Universal Classic Monster Movie, which ties into the bigger monster movie universe. There is no word as to which monster he will take on, but it could center the Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein, Dracula, or Phantom since Alex Kurtzman is currently working on a The Mummy reboot.

The project is part of Universal's classic monster franchise push, which is starting to heat up.

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In related news, the writer has sold Sony the rights to his novel Before The Fall, which he will adapt himself for the big screen. The book tells the story of a mysterious plane crash in Martha's Vineyard. It focuses on two of the survivors, an artist and a little boy, and the lives of the other people that died in the crash. The mystery unfold as clues begin to surface leading to the suggestion that the crash might have not been an accident.

Hannah Minghella and Andrea Giannetti are producing Before The Fall.

Noah Hawley is also working on the second season of Fargo, which will feature a new cast, story, and setting and will likely be a prequel to the first run of episodes. Check back as more details emerge about the upcoming monster project he will be working on.