According to Variety, Universal has optioned My Outsourced Life, an A.J. Jacobs article in the September issue of Esquire magazine, for Jay Roach and his U-based Everyman Films. Roach, who just his moved his deal to Universal from Fox, will write the story with Larry Stuckey. Stuckey will pen the script, and Roach gets first crack at directing it.

Stuckey, who began as Roach's assistant, has collaborated with him on a remake of Elling as well as several drafts of Meet the Fockers. Stuckey's writing credits also include the Betty Thomas-directed comedy John Tucker Must Die.

Jacobs, an editor-at-large at Esquire who weeks ago sold his book proposal The Year of Living Biblically to Paramount and Plan B, has notched his second sale with an article that chronicles his attempt to join the outsourcing craze sweeping corporate America.

He decided to apply the practice to his modest writing career. He began with a sweet assistant named Honey, who did his bidding and organized his business by phone from India. She was so spectacularly efficient that the writer soon had a team of India-based assistants, handling every part of his life, including dialogue with his parents and gifts for his wife.

Roach is considering several films for his next directing assignment. The cast-dependent choices include Elling; the comedy Used Guys, with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn; and The Party. Roach last directed Meet the Fockers.