Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to the comedy, PartyBuddys.

The film is based on the life stories of James King and Jason Roefaro who are behind a New York-based company called PartyBuddys, which offers its clients a type of fast-pass to a celebrity lifestyle for a night. Clients can get VIP treatment at clubs with the help of a savvy PartyBuddy, plus be shadowed by pseudo-bodyguards and fake paparazzi. The Hollywood Reporter notes Wilmer Valderrama will produce the comedy and will possibly star in the film as well; Michael Samonek will write the screenplay.

The idea for the business came from the two men's experience as club-goers dating back to the 1990s when friends were calling them for advice on what do to and where to go. After a near-fatal car accident, Roefaro quit his job at a funeral parlor and convinced King to leave his job as a TV cameraman to start the business.

No production schedule has been set yet for PartyBuddys.