Universal Studios Florida has revealed its new plan to reopen. Orange County's Economic Recovery Task Force made the announcement today and it's happening a lot sooner than anybody thought. The park, along with its Southern California counterpart, has been shut down since the middle of March. Disney World and Disneyland have also been shut down for the same amount of time, though they do not have a reopening target set yet. It should also be noted that Universal Studios Hollywood has not revealed a reopening date at this time.

Universal Orlando will open up for employees starting on June 1st. This is apparently a test to see how their new safety measures are working and to see if they need to tweak anything before opening to the public. A few days after that, some VIPs will be allowed in with limited capacity. From there, the park will open its doors on June 5th to the public. The June 5th date will also be to limited capacity, though it is unclear how long they will operate like this. Are people going to rush to the park like they did for Shanghai Disneyland?

Face coverings will be required for both employees and all Universal Studios Orlando guests. If visitors do not have their own mask, a disposable mask will be provided. People without masks will not be admitted into the park. Single rider lines will also be closed, while employees will be constantly cleaning surfaces. The park has not announced a whole lot in terms of specifics as of this writing, though that will likely change in the coming days. Universal Studios Orlando is poised to be the largest theme park to open its doors in North America.

Nearby Disney Springs just opened up its bars, restaurants, and shops earlier this week, but Disney World remains to be closed. With that being said, Universal Studios Orlando will more than likely serve a barometer for all theme parks looking to reopen across the United States, though it seems like Florida is focused on getting things opened sooner, rather than later. Shanghai Disneyland opened up earlier this week with limited capacity and things seem to be going well there, which will more than likely see the US parks following their safety protocols.

As of this writing, both Disneyland and Disney World have reservations open for July 1st. They had the same thing open for June 1st and decided to cancel them all. This could likely happen again in July, though it has not been confirmed at this time. Major chain movie theaters are expected to open in July, so we'll really just have to wait and see how everything goes, especially in Florida as they lead the charge to reopen. The Universal Studios Orlando reopening news comes to us from the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force website.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick