A day out at the local amusement park is supposed to be fun, not a deadly death trap that causes injury or even death. But one mother is now suing Universal Studios Florida, claiming they knew their E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial ride was unsafe before it injured her 11-year-old son.

Roberta Perez filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios back in February. She claims her boy had his foot crushed inside the E.T. ride at the Florida theme park. And she reports that Universal was well aware of the fact that their attraction was 'unreasonably dangerous'.

Tiago Perez's foot and part of his leg were allegedly injured after the boy became stuck in the middle of the ride's offloading platform. This resulted in multiple broken bones. The boy needed surgery following his trip to the park. The immediate aftermath of the incident was described as 'bloody' according to the mother's attorney Edmund Normand.

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The incident took place on January 31. The lawyer also described the circumstances surrounding the alleged foot crushing as 'nonsensical'. The lawsuit regarding the case states the following.

"Prior to this incident, [Universal] had knowledge that the design, manufacture, testing, construction, and/or operation of the E.T. Adventure ride, created an unreasonably dangerous ride resulting in injuries to guests, but [the theme park] continued to market the ride as safe to the unsuspecting public."

The lawsuit goes onto claim that the young boy's feet were not on the bike pedals positioned near each riders' feet. Though, his feet were still inside the ride. The attraction apparently has no netting or guard to protect the rider's legs.

It has been confirmed by a Universal representative that the ride was closed the following day. Since the ride reopened in February, operators have been double checking to insure that all passengers are safely secured, and that their hands and feet are out of any immediate danger.

The Perez family lives in Brazil. The mother is seeking $15,000 in damages. Tiago hasn't been back in school since the accident took place, and he still requires hospital treatment now that he is back in Brazil. The E.T. ride has been up and running for almost thirty years, opening inside the Florida park way back in 1990. This news was first reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

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