Untitled Pompeii Project: According to Variety, Universal Pictures is set to erupt with a film depicting the final hours of Pompeii, the Roman city buried by volcanic ash in the year A.D. 79. Clark Gregg (What Lies Beneath:) will write the script, with helmer Fernando Meirelles attached to direct.

"Neither Fernando nor I are jumping out of our skin to do a traditional historical epic or disaster film," Gregg told Variety. "What's fascinating about Pompeii is that it was frozen in a moment in time."

Meirelles said, "What drew me to this project is the possibility of re-creating Pompeii in the most realistic way possible. One of my goals is to take the audience into the everyday life experiences in the Mediterranean 1,924 years ago. I'm also interested in capturing the connections between the end of Roman Empire and the present day, as well as the end of a civilization."