The big knock on Hollywood today is that it is bereft of ideas. That the best the copious amounts of writers and idea people can do is just rehash old formulas. When that fails they simply reboot movies. And there are a lot of reboots still coming, if you believe IMDB.

Sure, there's a lot films made from beloved literary properties (Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight, et al), but where are the truly original ideas? It used to be that you could cite indy films as a place where those ideas thrived. Sadly, the independent world has become a way station where actors reboot their careers, or the films made are merely lower budget versions of what is already in the theaters. (In most cases, sometimes indy films manage to surprise and inspire.)

All of this brings me back to the idea of reboots. Google tells us that a reboot is "an act or instance of booting a computer system again." In this case the "computer system" is a film, however, it isn't merely about turning it on and off. The film is most likely changed or updated to further reflect the ideas and events of the present day.

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Sure, we as viewers have the curiosity factor. Most of the films we are talking about fall into the category of being loved. So we are curious to see if said film managed to come even close to living up to the original film that spawned it.

And lets be honest, the answer is usually hell no! Not trying to be negative here. Just honest. Has anyone ever really seen a modern day remake and marveled at how much better than the original it was? Most likely no. So, if this is the case, than the primary reason for its existence was probably monetary. And it is for this reason that we give you "18 Unnecessary Reboots."

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010/In Developement)

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The worst part of this movie isn't that they had the wrong actor play Freddy Krueger. It's that this movie shouldn't have ever been rebooted to begin with. A Nightmare on Elm Street was so amazing because it was so original. In what way could a reboot have either expanded on it or made it better? With an ending that was incomprehensible (Freddy basically just goes away for no reason), it isn't surprising that that there are plans afoot for yet another reboot of this film!

Evan Jacobs