Splash (In Development)



Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell are apparently attached to this project. In addition to this, Tatum will be the mermaid and so we assume Bell will be the tom Hanks character. Alright... there are probably more graceful ways to say this but this idea isn't just unnecessary, it is completely inane. Aside from the fact that Channing Tatum playing a mermaid is just silly (and not in an endearing way), the big issue is that nothing about Splash called for any kind of a reboot. The film is perfect as is. Tom Hanks, John Candy, Eugene Levy...There's nobody that is going to be in this reboot that is going to come close to that. As the Ghostbusters reboot showed us this summer, despite what studio executives think, the public won't just turn out because they recognize a movie's title. Which leads us too...

Ghostbusters (2016)



The Ghostbusters reboot wasn't a terrible movie. Hey, if the first one never existed, this one may have fared better or at least not been considered something of a failure. In a world where anything making over $200 million being a failure personally leaves me baffled, what doesn't baffle me is the public's tepid reaction to the new Ghostbusters. Honestly, this movie is just okay and ultimately not something that needed to be made. In fact, it may have fared better if a few tweaks had been made and this movie wasn't called Ghostbusters at all. Initially, it was thought that the Ghostbusters "universe" would be a franchise, but now it will simply go out as an animated movie and a television spin-off.

Wargames (In Development)



4) Wargames - Dean Isrealite (Project Almanac) is said to be directing. Normally, we'd like more to go on to include a film on this list but it is Wargames. There are a few reasons why this reboot isn't needed, not the least of which is the 2008 sequel WarGames: The Dead Code. I know that film doesn't preclude a sequel but what's the point of doing a reboot now? Sure, we are in a seriously gnarly geopolitical situation in the middle east and elsewhere, but why not just create a wholly new project? It isn't like people are going to see the title Wargames and suddenly buy a ticket. This movie isn't The Hunger Games. As the the 2008 film showed, people might not necessarily want to see a film about this subject matter. A reboot of a film that doesn't need one? Seems like it is best to just stop playing the game.

Evan Jacobs