Evil Dead (2013)


Evil Dead

There are movies you can reboot and there are movies you shouldn't reboot. Yes, the first Evil Dead was a low budget affair but that is precisely what made it so incredibly. Seeing five people in a cabin battling demons is what low budget is all about. Throw a lot of money at it, like this reboot did, and you just have another garden variety horror film. It doesn't matter how you shake it up. Fans don't want to explore the myths behind this film. We don't care about character development. The film is called Evil Dead. We want carnage. The first film had plenty of that. The second film was merely window dressing in an attempt establish a "universe" or brand.

Jumanji (July 2017)



The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black are in the midst of shooting this reboot as we speak. However, with Robin Williams death that has sort of cast an odd shadow on things. Not that someones death is going to stop the train that is Hollywood, this film is being a called a sequel to the beloved 1995 movie. Look, it must be tempting to reboot a film about a board game come to life. The marketing execs at Tristar must be salivating over the prospects of how to merchandise and cross promote this property. From a business standpoint that must make a sequel seem necessary but is it really? Chris Van Allsburg has written a lot of books. Your telling me it would be hard to snap up the rights to one of those rather than reboot, remake or whatever they are doing to Jumanji?

Red Dawn (2012)


Red Dawn

Full disclosure, when they initially made China the bad guys in this film, I was all in. Sure, it wasn't a reboot that needed to happen, but the 1984 film was a lot of fun. The fact that we were in the midst of a Cold War with Russia made the whole thing even more intriguing. A reboot where China invades us (I can't say for sure, but that jettisoned version of the screenplay probably had us defaulting on our debt or something) was a least interesting. However, money rules all, we owe China a lot of it and we didn't want to insult them. So instead we were invaded by North Korea in the Red Dawn that came out in 2012. Sure, Kim Jong-un is kind of scary, but he's also equal parts weird and that makes him almost comical. So in a strange turn of events, the Red Dawn of 2012 goes from being silly to just being sort of off itself. Who knew that a few years later The Interview would really piss him off?!? Now, if ever there was a film that deserved a second chance with audiences...

Evan Jacobs