UpA brand new Pixar hit sailed away with the crown on the DVD sales charts in its first week in release. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Up reigned supreme atop the home video charts, for the week ending November 15.

Up took the top spot on the DVD sales charts and also the Blu-ray sales charts as well. The film also had a surprisingly strong showing on the rental charts, just behind new release The Ugly Truth. Family fare like Up are consistently strong in DVD and BD sales, but usually don't have this high a showing on the rental charts. The Ugly Truth came in a distant second place on the sales charts though, drumming up only 16.3 percent of the sales that Up garnered.

Up also managed to break a record on the Blu-ray charts, with a massive 24.3% of the disc's total sales coming in the high-def format, a record for a family film. It was estimated that the total sales for Up in both formats was approaching 5 million units after just one week.