It seems that one of Dakota Fanning's more controversial films will be screened in Los Angeles alongside another sure-to-be controversial film. Alter Ego Cinemas sent out a release about an October 16 screening of the new film Warning!!! Pedophile Released that seems to indicate Hounddog will be screened there as well.

We've just received word that a widely unseen Dakota Fanning movie will be released theatrically next month. The Twilight Saga's New Moon star, also appearing with Kristen Stewart in the upcoming The Runaways and most recently the Tim Burton produced Coraline, has been in hit after hit since she played Sean Penn's daughter in I Am Sam eight years ago. But filmmaker Shane Ryan says you haven't seen this one. The controversial director announced that he will be screening Dakota's film with his new feature Warning!!! Pedophile Released, which opens October 16 in Los Angeles.

Ryan says the deal's already set but he's waiting on the final word before he announces the film (although if you're a diehard Dakota fan you might be able to figure it out). Coincidentally made a comment just a couple of months ago stating "If people gave poor Dakota Fanning all that trouble over her film, Hounddog, wait until they hear about Shane Ryan's Warning!!! Pedophile Released."

We'll keep you posted on this story as soon as we have more information.

UPDATE: (10/8/09 10 AM PST) The Alter Ego Cinemas website has been updated with word that Hounddog will not be the film screened with Warning!!! Pedophile Released, but Dakota Fanning's first film, the 2001 short film Father Xmas. The screening is still set for Friday, October 16 at Laemele's Grand 4-Plex (345 S. Figueroa St. Downtown LA, 90071).