UPDATE: 4/13/10 2:40 PM PSTVulture is now reporting that Hugh Jackman has also signed on to the cast. He will play Boyd Bolton, a slimy car salesman who attempts to seduce Jennifer Garner's character.

Original Story: Two new actresses have signed on to a new film that is churning over at The Weinstein Co. Movieline is reporting that Olivia Wilde and Alicia Silverstone have signed on for roles in Butter.

The site reports that Wilde will play a stripper who is also the mistress of the current butter-churning champion, who will by played by Ty Burrell (Modern Family). While earlier reports indicated that Silverstone would play the stripper, the site is reporting that she will play the adoptive mother of Yara Shahidi's character. Jennifer Garner plays Burrell's wife and wants to retain the butter-churning championship for her family, although Shahidi's character stands in her way. Ashley Greene also stars in the film as a rebellious teenager, Kaitlen Pickler.

It was said that the film by Jim Field Smith is a satire on the 2008 Presidential election, using a butter-churning contest in Iowa as the backdrop. It was also said that Kate Hudson was originally up for the role that eventually went to Wilde.

No production schedule was released for the film.