Bleeding Cool is reporting that a Watchmen 2 sequel might be in the works.

It was initially said that DC Comics Publisher and President Paul Levitz had stopped any Watchmen 2 projects from percolating. Levitz felt that this would severely go against Watchmen creator's Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons hopes for the story.

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This all happened even though Moore had a very nasty break-up with DC Comics and Paul Levitz. In addition to that, the Watchmen comic book became DC's biggest selling publication in the history of the company.

Changing this game entirely was Paul Levitz leaving his post at DC Comics. With Dan DiDio as DC's Senior Vice President, it seems he wants to show everyone that Watchmen 2 is a viable project and something that can be done. Apparently he wants to do "multiple prequel comic miniseries and spinoff ongoing projects."

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons still have to be offered first refusal before any of these new titles could be published. They most likely won't want to take on these jobs and it looks like DiDio has actually been looking for writers to pen the new comic. From there a film would most likely follow.

At present there is a lot of speculation as to who these writers could be, why they would take on these jobs, and where a Watchmen 2 story could go. We will continue to report on this as the story develops.

UPDATE: 2/4/10 9:30 AM PST A "well-placed insider" has told Deadline Hollywood Daily that rumors of a film sequel are not true:

"There is no truth to anything related to a movie sequel. Not a chance by a longshot. With regards to the comics, well, I guess anything is possible. I'll keep my opinion to myself as to whether it's a smart idea to do so."