NBC is in hot pursuit of a drama spec script by J.J. Abrams and Josh Reims that ignited a bidding war last week when it hit the marketplace.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC, NBC and CBS were all vying for the hot property, from Bad Robot and Warner Bros. TV, with NBC and ABC reportedly going down to the wire.

The show, which revolves around two spies working together who also are husband and wife, returns Abrams to the spy arena, which he mined with his ABC series Alias.

The first project Abrams co-created under his rich deal with WBTV, the sci-fi drama Fringe, also was written on spec and sparked a bidding war in fall 2007 before landing at Fox with a big series commitment.

Last month, Abrams received a presentation order from Fox for a half-hour project written by Mike Markowitz.

UPDATE: 10/2/09 11 AM PST)The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that NBC has won the bidding war for the new series. The network handed out a pilot commitment, which was writting by J.J. Abrams and Josh Reims.

The bidding war that was ignited by this spec pilot script is nothing new to Abrams. His most recent creation, Fringe, was also written on spec and sparked a massive bidding war between all networks before Fox won the rights to the series.