One of the young stars of The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be taking to the skies with Tom Cruise in his next film. Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Taylor Lautner will be joining Tom Cruise for the aerial adventure Northern Lights.

While it wasn't clear which characters Lautner and Cruise will play, the film is centered on a talented aerobatics pilot who tries to balance dealing with his wealthy father and falling in love with a young female pilot.

John Moore (Max Payne) will be directing the film, which was said to start production on April 1. We reported last year that Chuck Russell was writing and directing the film, and it isn't clear if he is still involved in the production.

UPDATE: 1/8/10 10 PM PST)Entertainment Weekly is reporting that while Taylor Lautner did indeed sign on for this film, Tom Cruise has not joined the cast. It seems the original report was wrong on the "wealthy father" character as a whole as well and the character will not appear in the film. A rep for Skydance Pictures, which is producing the film, released the film's official logline, which you can see below.

"Set against the backdrop of extreme flying, Northern Lights follows four young pilots as they compete against the world's best. A story of teamwork, sacrifice, loss, and victory, these young aviators push themselves to physical and emotional limits in the unforgiving world of performance aerobatics."