UPDATE: 11/12/10 1 PM PST -The Wrap spoke with cinematographer Wally Pfister, who said they would shoot parts of The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX, but not the entire movie. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Pfister said he and Nolan hope to shoot much of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, for IMAX -- as they did for sporadic parts in The Dark Knight. But they won't shoot the entire film for IMAX, he said, citing cost and the inability to capture sound as just two of the impediments."
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However, Pfister did reveal that he still isn't officially signed on for The Dark Knight Rises, although he has served as cinematographer on every Christopher Nolan movie since Memento. We'll keep you posted on any new details regarding The Dark Knight Rises as soon as more information comes in.

Original Story: Collider has an intriguing new report which indicates that director Christopher Nolan is planning to shoot The Dark Knight Rises entirely in the IMAX format.

Nolan shot portions of his 2008 blockbuster The Dark Knight in the IMAX format, although the bulky nature of the IMAX cameras make it less than ideal to shoot an entire movie with. The cameras are also quite noisy, which makes it difficult to film any sequences containing dialogue. According to this new report, IMAX is developing a brand new camera which is both smaller in size and less noisy. Here's what the site's source had to say:

"I'm hearing that Nolan will try and shoot The Dark Knight Rises totally in IMAX. I've heard that IMAX has been quietly developing a smaller, less intrusive camera that will be able to handle dialogue scenes. If the camera is finished in time, expect Nolan to use it."

We reported back in April that the movie wouldn't be shot in 3D. Cinematographer Wally Pfister seemed to foreshadow this news with these intriguing comments:

"What Chris and I have talked about is doing something cool and something interesting," Pfister said. "[Director] Brad Bird was [saying] 'you've got to shoot the whole thing in IMAX!' I was like, yeah, I've talked to Chris about that."

The site has received emails saying this IMAX news is true, although there has been no official confirmation as of yet. So consider this a rumor for now. We'll be sure to keep you posted as soon as we have any further news on The Dark Knight Rises.