John Cox recently heard good news about the Sgt. Rock script he turned in to Warner Bros. Cox told Comics Continuum that there will hopefully soon be movement on the film.

Cox said "Hopefully, we'll go into production this year. I finished the script about a year ago, and I just heard some good news." Joel Silver is set to produce the film for Warners, and in years past both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis were rumored to star.

Cox described his take on DC Comic's classic World War 2 hero as follows. "It's a fantastic World War 2 action/adventure with a great character. It's much less Saving Private Ryan and more The Guns of Navarone."

Sgt. Frank Rock is a DC Comics character who has been the most prominent war comics character in the company's history. The character was an infantry non-commissioned officer in the United States Army in World War II. Unlike many contemporary war characters, Rock had a deep loathing for the war, but was grimly loyal to his unit to see it through. This loyalty extends to when he was sent home to be a combat instructor, but insisted on returning to his unit in the field while on leave.