Go to the movie theater today and you can see sparkly, lovelorn vampires, but, according to Bluewater Productions, their darkly comedic tale of septuagenarian bloodsuckers will soon be sharing space on the silver screen.

Uptown 6 Productions, whose first feature film 16-Love, hits theaters in January 2012, purchased the rights to Bluewater's successful graphic novel Nanny & Hank, a unique take on the vampire mythos. It follows two grandparents ready to enjoy their golden years with travel and grandchildren, and how a horrible encounter with a disgruntled vampire changes their world forever and ever.

"Nanny & Hank: Retirement is Hell is the 'funniest' take on mortality and morality to ever splash the pages of a comic book," said Uptown 6's president Adam Lipsius. "The protagonists' plight is rife with truth and humor. These heroes creep me out with how cool they are, and Uptown 6 is committed to bringing every giggle and shiver to the big screen. We couldn't be more excited to be in business with Bluewater, the new tastemakers in indie comics."

Uptown 6 is working towards a 2013 release, for the first volume of the Nanny & Hank.

According to Bluewater's president Darren G. Davis, the story, written by Mark L. Miller and illustrated by Steve Babb, is based on his own family. "Call it a love letter to my grandparents. The main characters are based on them, and it was a riot trying to insert some of the funny old family stories into a vampiric context,". "And yes, their names really were Nanny and Hank!" Davis added.

This is the fourth property optioned from the Vancouver, Washington-based independent comic book producer. Their myth-superhero mash-up Isis was optioned by Paramount, the otherworldly adventure serial Sinbad: Rogue of Colossus is currently in pre-production through Morningside Entertainment, and Universal owns the rights to Bluewater's flagship heroine, The 10th Muse.

Although Nanny & Hank will soon make it to local theaters, individual comic book issues and the compiled graphic novel "Retirement is Hell" are still available wherever comic book and graphic novels are sold. These titles are also available for download on Kindle and Nook.