Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nick Stoller has signed on to rewrite the screenplay for the Warner Bros. remake Uptown Saturday Night.

We reported back in March 2011 that Will Smith and Denzel Washington were circling the project. Both stars are committed to making the movie happen, and both must approve the new script by Nick Stoller, if the project is to move forward. While Will Smith and his Overbrook Entertainment company have been developing the original script by Timothy Dowling (Role Models), they haven't been able to coordinate the stars' scheduled and get the script just right yet.

Adam McKay is attached to direct, and the filmmaker wants to make this his next project, with a summer 2014 production start being eyed at this time. Nick Stoller hopes to deliver his screenplay draft within a month.

The original Uptown Saturday Night starred Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby as two friends who lose their wallets at a nightclub. They learn the next morning that one of those wallets contained a winning lottery ticket, as they set off to find it.