In the midst of the overwhelming reception for Jordan Peele's new movie Us, the follow up to his super successful horror flick Get Out, we get some odd pop culture references that Jordan shined some light on in a recent interview. The references include a massive 80's movement as well as three Corey Feldman "Easter Eggs". The new film US stars Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke as parents on a beach vacation with their family when they are confronted then attacked by scary monsters who appear to be them.

The horror thriller has already screened, so we know that things kick off with a commercial for Hands Across America. The Hands Across America theme recurs throughout Us. The movement itself was hatched in the 80s during that surrealistic time when Ronald Reagan was president of the United States. The idea of Hands Across America was for a whole bunch of people to hold hands ALL THE WAY ACROSS AMERICA. The chain of hand holding was meant to be held for a full fifteen minutes. Of course it never came off, because there were HUGE gaps in the hand chain, and the whole event only raised $15 million total. How, why, what made Jordan start his movie with the commercial? He explains.

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"I wasn't even in touch with some of the deeper meanings of what this movie is about until I stumbled upon a Hands Across America commercial for MTV."

I guess it was kind of lucky that he did stumble on it if it cued him in to some of the deeper meanings of the film, because apparently he really did just stumble onto the clip surfing Youtube.

"That's how it happened. And I can't remember if I just had a eureka moment, but when I saw it, it scared me."

Jordan has also hidden, or included some Corey Feldman references in the film as well. Jordan has a Goonies VHS in the new movie.

"There's some Goonies stuff in there. I have an iconic line from Goonies in the movie."

The line? Jordan reveals is: "It's our time now". The newly minted horror legend goes on to explain that there are actually three references to Feldman in Us.

"There are three different connections to Corey Feldman in this movie and they all feed off of each other."

Jordan goes back into horror history to pull out some influences from the classic film The Lost Boys that Corey Feldman starred in.

"The Lost Boys, yeah! We shot in Santa Cruz and the first scene of our movie is there. It's the same beach, it's the same amusement park. And it's even 1986."

Lost Boys is actually shooting the iconic carousel scene during the opening moments of Us, as references to the production are made by a few of the characters. Now for those who us who have not seen Us there is another "adjacent" Feldman reference that seems to be a bit more obscure. Jordan hints at "who he is hanging out with" and then "Thriller" gets mentioned, so when we put them together, it seems Jordan is referencing in the movie the fact that Corey used to be good friends with Michael Jackson. Jordan gives a righteous nod to Feldman and his good friend Corey Haim.

"Corey Feldman, as you well know, I mean, a very important figure for our generation. And Haim, too. These guys are the epitome of cool. They were kids who were as cool as it got."

Who knew Jordan Peele was such a Two Coreys fan? This news was first shared on Uproxx.