The on-screen horror of the new Jordan Peele movie Us turned into real life terror during a screening, when a guy pulled out a gun, shooting moviegoer William Weldon right there in the seats. The shooter then fled on foot from the theater with an unknown woman following close behind him.

The shooting took place in North Carolina. On Sunday, at approximately 6pm, Concord NC Police responded to calls of a shooting at AMC Theaters located at the Concord Mills Mall. When they arrived, authorities learned that 24-year-old William Weldon, of Charlotte, was shot with a handgun during a dispute over assigned seating.

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After receiving medical attention, Weldon relayed the events of the shooting which then led to the arrest of Bryant Gregory Eaves Jr, 18. Bryant was taken into custody without further incident at his Indian Land, South Carolina, home on the 3000 block of Keswick Terrace. He was formally charged with a count of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill.

The drama unfolded while the crowd was getting seated waiting for the new Jordan Peele thriller to start. Weldon took to his facebook page to post a live feed video where he recounted for those close to him what had happened.

Weldon explained that the theater sold reserved seats. When searching for his assigned seats William found Eave in the seats he purchased for his mother and himself. The shot moviegoer claims that he didn't approach Eaves aggressively. When trying to handle the situation, he calmly tried to show the man the receipt with his seat number on it.

"I was calm about it but I guess in his mind he was like 'I got this pistol on me.'"

As to why in the world someone would actually open fire at a movie theater like that, William had no answer: "I never came at him wrong so I don't know what would make him think 'Oh, I can just shoot this dude.'"

After going through the ordeal, Weldon put up a post with a picture of him in the hospital saying "Just got shot". He had already seen the successful movie on Saturday night but explained that he wanted his mother to see it, so he took her on Sunday to enjoy the film with him at her side. He posted the photos of himself in the hospital bed almost immediately upon his arrival there. He has since been released to recuperate at his home where he is in stable condition.

After surviving the shooting William Weldon wanted to thank everyone that was there to help and support him: "I appreciate all the love and support from the community and people around Charlotte people who don't even know me. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone understanding me and the story and those of you who stopped and helped me when I was bleeding on the floor of the mall and to the paramedics who acted swiftly on my behalf and to my military family who always support me, I say thank you." This comes from UK Daily Mail.