USA has some big plans for Universal Pictures.

In a story from Variety, it seems that USA will be spending "about $60 million for network TV rights to The Bourne Ultimatum, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and nine other theatricals from Universal Pictures."

The way things are shaking out, based on how things are looking in the theaters, "USA could wind up spending $24 million on Bourne and $15 million on Chuck & Larry."

Some of the other movies folded into the deal are The Good Shepherd, Breach and Children of Men.

USA will bring out The Bourne Ultimatum on January 1, 2010. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry will air on Dec. 1, 2009, "after the pics complete their 18-month exclusive runs in the pay TV window on HBO. USA gets 4 and a half years in its license term."

Recently, USA has started to get more aggressive about buying theatrical films. As recently as last month it bought titles like Blood Diamond from Warner Bros., and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End from Disney.

Other titles in the deal include Ali G Indahouse, Man of the Year, The Hitcher, Alpha Dog, The Interpreter and Smokin' Aces.