Uwe Boll just can't stay out of the headllines. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the German director has filed suit in Los Angeles County Court against actor Billy Zane, over a monetary dispute regarding the film BloodRayne, which Boll directed and Zane starred in.

Boll is claiming he is owed at least $700,000 from the actor because apparently Zane was the one who suggested that Boll distribute the film through Romar Entertainment. The suit alleges that Zane and Romar promised the film would open in 2,000 theaters and also that a $10 million advance from Boll would be used for advertising and promotions for the film. Boll claims that more than $900,000 of that advance was pocketed by Zane and Romar and the film only opened in 950 theaters.

BloodRayne was budgeted at $25 million and the film earned $3.6 million worldwide.