Lovers of cult movies and schlock cinema are in mourning today as notorious filmmaker Uwe Boll, sometimes referred to as the worst director of all-time, has called it quits. That's right, the mastermind behind such trash classics as Blubberella, in which he cast himself as Hitler, has called it a day. He is officially done making movies.

And it doesn't sound like he'll be doing a Steven Soderberg three-sixty on his stance anytime soon. Uwe Boll hasn't made too many good movies, and he certainly never made a great one. He is known for his low budget video game adaptations such as House of the Dead, BloodRayne and Dungeon Siege, none of which have ever garnered a favorable review. But angry critics and fans who solely love to hate watch aren't the reasons for his departure from the craft of filmmaking. He simply believes the market for his lower budget films is dead.

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Uwe Boll gained the nickname Raging Boll after challenging some of his harshest critics to a 'put up or shut up' boxing match, which of course saw him reign as the victor. He knocked out all four of the opponents that dared challenge him, landing a blow for every one of their bad reviews of his past movies. But now it seems the Raging Boll is going down for the count, and he won't be getting of the mat anytime soon.

Rampage: President Down will be his swan song. And mind you, he'll still be able to rack up a few more bad reviews before he wanders off into the sunset never to be heard from again. In regards to his retirement plans, he says this.

"Rampage 3 will be watched on Netflix, DVD or iTunes or whatever. They'll say, 'That wonderful movie! I liked it blah, blah, blah,' then watch Avengers. With streaming everywhere there is just a big wave of movies flooding around and you have no impact.The market is dead. You don't make any money anymore on movies because the DVD and Blu Ray market worldwide has dropped 80 per cent in the last three years. That is the real reason; I just cannot afford to make movies. I can't go back to student filmmaking because I have made so many movies in my life, and I can't make cheaper and cheaper movies at my age. It's a shame. I would be happy to make movies but it is just not financially profitable."

One of Boll's problems is that he's been self-financing his own movies for well over a decade. And he claims no one has ever given him any money. He explains this.

"I've been using my money since 2005 and if I hadn't made the stupid video game based movies I would never have amalgamated the capital so I could say, 'Let's make the Darfur movie.' I don't need a Ferrari, I don't need a yacht. I invested in my own movies and I lost money."

Uwe Boll actually lost quite a bit of money on his more realistic, grounded movies which he claims have a great message. Attack on Darfur and Assault on Wall Street definitely put him in a financial hole, and apparently it's one he can't quite crawl out of. Though, he believes that his Wall Street movie is way better than Oliver Stone's sequel Wall Street 2, with a better script and a much more truthful tone. But his problem, he claims, is that he can't get someone like Michael Douglas to be in one of his movies.

Rampage: President Down is available on iTunes now. We have included the hard-hitting trailer, which Boll claims is more real than some Jason Bourne 'bullsh*t'. Now, Uwe will oversee his own film distribution business and manage his own Vancouver restaurant Bauhaus, which food critics are absolutely in love with. In the end, Boll hopes that critics will go back and watch some of his earlier movies, like Postal from 2005, and see that he was actually making movies that 'made sense' and were 'very interesting'. Perhaps, a Uwe Boll renaissance will come from his retirement. Who knows? You can watch the trailer for Rampage: President Down right here and decided for yourself, is this a sad or very happy day for filmmaking?