In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale landed at number fourteen on the box office charts this weekend with $3.2 million. While David E. Talbert's consistently funny church romp First Sunday came in second with $19 million. Director of Dungeon Siege is quite upset about this, and has released a state of the union address in which he begs for you to go see his film.

Courtesy of Boll Bashers, here is what the director had to say (we decided not to clean up his English):

Uwe Boll: Now a few days before IN THE NAME OF THE KING gets out in USA I have to tell whats going on in the film industry. If you don't get out with a MAJOR company the exhibitors and the TV and radio stations are not supporting you. This is the reason that independent movies are like self-fulfilling prophecies and they almost bomb all. Our competitor in USA FIRST SUNDAY with Ice Cube is a piece of shit and for NOBODY nearly so interesting as IN THE NAME OF THE KING. We have a better movie and a bigger movie with a better script, better cast and we proved in Europe that our movie has the power to stay 3 weeks in the TOP TEN and that we can get at least 50% good reviews. FIRST SUNDAY is a direct to DVD title in Europe but in USA Sony puts 40 mill. $ in advertising to win that weekend. And this is completely absurd. Sony will not even recoup the advertising costs with that movie. The MAJORS own the TV Stations and the Radio Stations and they use that for free advertising and so the wide audience believes at one point that FIRST SUNDAY is the movie of that weekend - and they go and buy a ticket. The biggest problems in today's market is that nobody believes anymore in word of mouth or gives a film a chance without seeing upfront all 5 seconds in TV a spot.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}So to all my fans in America or everybody who like Jason Statham or our other actors or loves fantasy or period piece movies or action movies or videogame based movies: go on January 11 in IN THE NAME OF THE KING and show that its not only advertising.

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale is out now. Go see it!