Controversial director Uwe Boll is making headlines once more, but this time he isn't boxing critics or suing film festivals. Producer Bob Van Ronkel is suing the German director for $1 million, claiming his name was intentionally misspelled on the credits of In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds.

The lawsuit alleges that Bob Van Ronkel's name was purposefully changed to "Rob Van Runkel," after the producer and director clashed over Bob Van Ronkel's producers fee. After his title was completely stripped from the film, a compromise was reached and he was given an associate producer credit, only to see his named misspelled during the end credits, which the producer claims Uwe Boll did on purpose. Bob Van Ronkel's name was also left off the DVD box art and other marketing materials. Here is an excerpt from the lawsuit, which was filed today in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

"Defendants and their Los Angeles legal counsel certainly were aware of how Mr. Van Ronkel's name was spelled (since his name was clearly set forth and properly spelled in the agreement and since Mr. Van Ronkel was previously listed on the IMDb website in accurate fashion). Accordingly, plaintiffs are informed and believe that defendants intentionally misspelled Mr. Van Ronkel's name on his credit on the picture, knowing that a true and accurate motion picture production credit was very important in the entertainment industry and to Mr. Van Ronkel and was material to and specifically bargained for in the agreement. By misspelling Mr. Van Ronkel's name, the value of the credit that he did receive was severely diminished and is insulting."

The lawsuit also claims that Bob Van Ronkel was an integral part of the production, since he convinced Dolph Lundgren to star in this sequel to In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds went straight to DVD, and was released by Fox Home Entertainment in December 2011.