Surprisingly well done despite the fact that it has two major Hollywood wieners in it - Luke Wilson...who I actually have no beef with, and Kate Beckensale who...well no beef with her either because I'm not sure what else she's been in. So never mind. Anyway, it's good.

Wilson and Babe are driving through the night and they get lost. They pull over at a gas station and get directions only to break down a mile or so up the road. They bicker and snip at each other the whole time which is uncomfortable for me because I don't like confrontation (or so I've been told, I didn't want to argue). BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

They make their way back to the motel next to the gas station, meet the creepy dude running the place and get their room. Standard "remote location" / "Fear of country folk" fare so far right? Wait, there's more. Flipping through the channels with nothing to watch, Super-jaw pops in one of the blank video cassettes lying around and soon realizes he's not watching a cheapo horror movie, but a snuff film that was shot in the room they are in.

From this point on the film kicks into gear with little more than a straight-forward and linear storyline. There is no unneeded twists, no stupid special effects or things to blow up, no super-human killers, just Wilson and Babe trying to outwit three dudes who want to kill them. Yeah, it sounds dumb and it is, sort of, but somehow it works. I think because it's so no-frills. It never gets ridiculous and it seems like the kind of thing that could happen.

Not terrifying, but somewhat scary. Not gory, but kind of icky. Overall, not great, but really not that bad. Had I have paid to see it in the theater, I would have been happy when I walked out.

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