You can take two classic trips with Chevy Chase in high definition for the first time this August. Vacation and European Vacation will be released on Blu-ray on August 10. Each disc will be priced at $24.98 SRP and you can take a look at the cover art below. Both films star Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo as Clark and Ellen Griswold.

Vacation Blu-ray


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Everything is planned, packed - and about to go hilariously wrong. The Griswolds are going on vacation. In the driver's seat is Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase), an Everyman eager to share the open road and the wonders of family togetherness. Myriad mishaps, crude kin (Randy Quaid), encounters with a temptress (Christie Brinkley), financial woes, Aunt Edna (Imogene Coca) on the roof, one security guard (John Candy) and 2,460 miles later, it's a wonder the Griswolds are together. There's never been a family vacation like it. Except maybe yours. And that helps explain why National Lampoon's Vacation remains so popular...and so very funny.

Special Features:

European Vacation Blu-ray

European Vacation

The first time the Griswolds took a trip, moviegoers everywhere went along for the ride...and went bonkers! Now they're into even zanier sightseeing in National Lampoon's European Vacation, directed by Amy Heckerling (Clueless, Fast Times at Ridgemont High). Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo return as Clark and Ellen, winners of a European tour on which their teenagers Rusty (Jason Lively) and Audrey (Dana Hill) join them. Deluxe accommodations...aren't. Clark tries left-sided English driving, leaving Stonehenge unhinged. In Bavaria a slap-dancing polka turns into a slaphappy free-for-all. It's a wacky, wide world of holiday road havoc!