Movie PictureVal Kilmer: For all of you Kilmer fans out there... "KevvyBoy" writes in with this tidbit: "I work in a talent agency and there's been a lot of talk lately about who else will be cast in a biopic of legendary pornographer John Holmes. Right now, it sounds like Val Kilmer is a lock for the lead role, and I've also heard that Blue Crush hottie Kate Bosworth may also join the cast..."

By the way. In case you missed it (and you probably did considering that Castle Rock opened the film in only 500 theaters on the same day as Spiderman), I thought it worth mentioning that Val's last film is now available on DVD. The film, The Salton Sea, is quite a good film and Val gives yet another Oscar worthy performance.

Envy: Shooting wraps up this week on the Barry Levinson film starring Ben Stiller and Jack Black. The film also stars Christopher Walken, Rachel Weisz and Ving Rhames. The busy cast are all off to other projects...

Stiller segues to the Untitled John Hamburg Project alongside Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Debra Messing.

Jack Black heads to the big apple to start School of Rock for producer Scott Rudin and director Richard Linklater.

Walken is off to the tentatively-titled Helldorado which stars The Rock and Seann William Scott.

Weisz is going South with The Runaway Jury along with John Cusack, Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman.

Rhames bounces into a tv series this season (I think it's The District, ) but I could be wrong... That's why I don't cover tv, heh, heh.

Anthony Hopkins: Sir Anthony confirmed on The Howard Stern radio show this morning that he has in fact signed on to play Superman's father in the fast-tracked Warner Bros. production of the new Brett Ratner film. It was quite funny to hear the infamous Moriarty of AICN call in to set the record straight on some facts, too!

and for all you true cinephiles out there, you may be excited to know:

The House of Sand and Fog: Oscar nominated Cinematographer Roger Deakins has signed on to shoot this film which stars Oscar Winners Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley. Deakins was last nominated for The Man Who Wasn't There, and is a frequent collaborator of the Coen brothers.

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