If you never thought Val Kilmer and Verne Troyer had anything in common, then you just might be wrong. MTV Movies Blog chatted with actor Val Kilmer who revealed that it was he who actually spurned the idea for Verne Troyer's character, Mini-Me, which was first seen in Austin Powers in Goldmember. Confused? Read on.

"[On] The Island of Dr. Moreau I told Marlon Brando my plan to save my performance just in case there was a giant whole in the second half - I was going to strap the little man to my chest," Kilmer confessed. "And, you know, you can't get around that visual. And then he [Brando] STOLE my little man!"

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Kilmer added that he even got confirmation for his "creation" from Mike Myers himself.

"I asked Mike Myers about it myself. He said, 'absolutely' [it came from that movie]," Kilmer said of the idea for Dr. Evil's little clone. "Same studio made it. And he saw a screening and said, 'that's really funny.'"

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