Val Kilmer is reteaming with his Real Genius buddy Jon Gries for a feature film about a real-life alcoholic who reinvents himself and puts hundreds of kids through college via his charitable donations.

Deep in the Heart stars Gries as Richard Wallrath, a Texas entrepreneur who is the biggest all-time individual donor to that state's 4-H and Future Farmers of America organizations. Kilmer plays a character known only as "The Bearded Man," and he resides in Wallrath's mind as a "Christ-like figure" to help him on his path to recovery, said Scott Duthie, who is co-producing the independent film.

"Val is one of those rare actors who drove himself to the set and always got there on time. A real pleasure to work with," Duthie said Monday from the Texas set.

"Wallrath is an alcoholic who hit rock bottom and lost everything, then reinvented himself, re-established his relationships with his family and built a multimillion-dollar business," Duthie said.

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.