Yesterday, Luc Besson shared the first official photo from his new sci-fi epic Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which gave us a look at his two leads in their costumes. Today, we have several more photos of Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan as they set off on an incredible adventure, thanks to the latest issue of EW. The movie is an adaptation of the French comic book Valérian and Laureline, first published in 1967.

Luc Besson has been a fan of the Valerian comics since he was ten-years-old, and the movie is a dream come true for the autuer, know for such classics as The Fifth Element and The Professional. The title is considered an 'ancestor' of the Star Wars and Avatar franchises, offering inspiration to both of those popular genre series. The story follows two space agents tasked with solving crimes throughout their universe. The director says this about being inspired by the comics, and how it has helped what he does today on set.

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"When I look at bluescreen. I see everything. My imagination is very comfortable with bluescreen."

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is a mammoth undertaking for the filmmaker. It will include over 2,400 VFX shots once everything is said and done. Luc Besson hasn't divulged much of the plot, and while he'll confirm a cameo by pop star Rihanna, he won't say what she is doing in the movie. Ultimately, the director wants to bring the world a sci-fi extravaganza that appeals to everyone, not just fans of otherworldly adventures.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets won't open in theaters until summer 2017. But it's never too early for a special sneak peek. In this first batch of images from the actual movie itself, we get to see Dane DeHaan brandishing his weapon, a look at an alien android bad guy, Cara Delevingne getting suited up on her spaceship, and a look at the two leads in their more comfortable casual wear as they soar through hyperspace. Luc Besson describes what is going on in this particular photo.

"It's a part of the first mission. Beginning of the film. Like when you see James Bond, there's always that one mission first. It's the James Bond-style pre-story mission. They are in the middle of this big mission, and they're disguised, so that's why they're dressed that way. They try to escape. It's pretty funny how they have to escape."

If you are wondering what the big alien android thing is, Luc Besson has an answer for that too. His name is K-Tron. This is what police officers look like in the world of Valerian. The filmmaker explains.

"You can't even deal with him. You don't argue with him. He's not really important in the film, but he's just like the the military police. Believe me, I have hundreds of these characters like him."

About the story, Luc Besson says part of it is like a police investigation, and a whodunit. It won't be like a Marvel movie, where you know who the villain is right out of the gate. There will be two agents, and you won't know which one is bad. There is a true mystery at the core of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, that's why the director is so reluctant to discuss the plot and all its details just yet. Take a look at the first images from the movie. Are you excited for this one yet?

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