The road leading to Valkyrie's impending release has gotten bumpier yet again. According to Reuters, a group of 12 extras who are seeking $11 million in damages from United Artists, for injuries suffered on the set of Valkyrie.

The extras suffered broken bones and cuts and bruises on August 19, 2007, after a side panel broke on a truck carrying the extras as it turned a corner. A lawyer for the extras said the panel had not been properly secured on the German period truck.

"A new letter has been sent to Tom Cruise, (business partner) Paula Wagner and United Artists, in which we set out the facts of the case again and put a figure on the legal demands of our clients ... of $11 million," said lawyer Ariane Bluttner.

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While a formal lawsuit has not yet been filed, Bluttner said if her clients do not receive a fair out-of-court settlement, she would submit a claim to United States courts on behalf of her clients.