Brothers Daniel Waters, the writer behind the cult classic Heathers, and Mark Waters, the director behind Mean Girls, both made their mark on pop culture with two similar movies that play as companion pieces. Now, they are joining forces to bring the Richelle Mead young adult novel series Vampire Academy to the big screen with Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters.

Mark will direct, while Daniel will pen this first in what is being planned as a six part saga. The story follows 17-year-old Rose Hathaway, who holds a mental and spiritual bond with her vampire friend Lissa. They both attend a school for vampires who are trying to retain some of their humanity.

Casting is already underway on the film, with Zoey Deutch (Beautiful Creatures, another YA novel series headed to the screen this February) starring as Rose, and newcomer Lucy Fry, who hails from Australia, as Lissa. Rounding ou the cast, Russian star Danila Kozlovski will play Dimitri, a Serbian vampire assigned to look after and protect the two girls when they are away school.

Produced by IM Global and Reliance Entertainment, executive producer Stuart Ford made the following statement.

"Tonally this so different from all these movies that are so solemn and serious. This is as much Mean Girls as The Hunger Games. It is snappy irreverent, sexy and just a lot of fun. And we got the right director for that kind of movie."

About the project, Daniel Waters called it a dream come true, and the perfect vehicle for him and his brother to collaborate on.

"This is a dream project for us, since we have wanted to work together for so long. Richelle's mythology and the world she creates is so real and her voice so clear. These kids have real life, modern day problems. And they drink blood."

If Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, which is being shot on a modest budget, is successful, and the six books in the series head to the screen, it may even continue from there, as Richelle Mead has spun the series off into no_movie|Bloodlines, which doesn't yet have an end in sight. We could be seeing Vampire Academy sequels and spin-offs for years to come.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange